Commercial Cleaning Services

Why Look For Commercial Cleaning Services?

Every commercial space; whether office or business workplace, often needs standardized cleaning practices and follow through to create and maintain a brand for the work area. Canshine Ltd offers commercial cleaning and rises to the occasion to provide a safe, productive and healthy commercial environment.

Reasons to hire commercial cleaning services near me

I. To maintain quality and professional standards
Cleaning companies maintain high standards in their service provision which ranges from professional cleaning equipments, professional cleaning products and thoroughly trained professional cleaning staff. We use quality control set standards meant to be used in commercial spaces.
II. To have a super cleaning with the latest technology
We use the latest cleaning technologies such as electrostatic services and vapor cleaning, which are effective in pulling out harmful germs, grime and dirt hiding in the carpets and on floor surfaces. These are very hard to get rid off with the normal cleaning technologies because of the heavy traffic present in commercial spaces.
III. To access specialized cleaning services
We use heavy duty cleaning products that kill viruses and bugs that are present in work areas. Avoid cold and flu viruses from ruining your business because of cross contamination.

Commercial cleaning services rates

When charging our customers for commercial cleaning services we usually ask them to be more specific on how much they need cleaned, so that we offer an itemized price quote. There are a few factors that affect the rate of the cleaning services requested for. These are the factors we consider when offering a quote for our service

  • How frequently you need the premises cleaned.
  • The scheduled time you want the place cleaned.
  • The kind of tasks you expect to be performed during the cleaning exercise that is deep cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting as well as emptying trash.
  • Types of cleaning products that you might specifically request to be used.
  • If the responsibility to restock supplies such as paper supplies is on the cleaning company.
  • Standard of cleaning standards expected that is deep cleaning or regular cleaning standard services.
  • Verification of if the janitors are bonded to protect you against loss.

Commercial window cleaning services

Window cleaning services ensure that your business appearance is well maintained. Windows are the first thing a visitor or a client notices when they walk in. you want to maintain them free from any dust, dirt and fingerprints. Most commercial windows are used for display purposes and dirty windows can give an impression that the merchandise displayed is old and worn out. We offer commercial window cleaning services weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, annually, quarterly or even one time. Cleaning of windows includes cleaning of the window and door frames in the interior and exterior. We can also come up with a tailor made cleaning schedule to meet the needs of your commercial space and offer less interferences.

Commercial floor cleaning services

The appearance of the floor reflects on the direct image of your professionalism and the business. With advanced technology, experienced staff and innovative cleaning products we are sure to making your commercial space floor looking great all through. We use the best floor cleaning methods and offer maintenance services which give the highest level of cleaning services to different kinds of floors. Hard surface floors that we clean include asphalt tile, VCT, porcelain, ceramic, luxury vinyl, laminate, sheet vinyl, rubber and linoleum.

Commercial office cleaning services

Amongst other commercial office cleaning companies, Canshine Ltd stands out for its impeccable performance in office cleaning services. Offices are very crucial in a human’s life because most hours of the day are spent in the office. The last thing you need is employees being out of the office on a sick off because of illnesses contracted from there. Commercial office cleaning maintains the brand of the office and makes employees feel confident and comfortable in the office workspace.

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