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February 12, 2018
How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors with Residential cleaning services Vancouver
November 14, 2018

Next to hospitals day care services are known to be the most sensitive to the well being and health of the young ones. We at Canshine do the best that we can to provide the best of the environmentally clean and green spaces for your daycare. Toxic harsh chemicals could have a negative effect on the development of the child, which would be the same as the area being dirty. We offer the highest quality cleaning service to your daycare and create the safest environment for children to grow in. Daycares are cleaned in regulations set by the government agencies to facilitate their operations.

Desktops, floors, play areas; toys and door handles need special attention as they are hotspot locations which can spread germs easily. When choosing professional daycare cleaning services choose the service providers who adhere to the set standards of cleaning.

The Importance of hiring professional daycare cleaning services

Infectious diseases can easily spread through the daycare because of the nature of the young ones if high cleaning standards are not maintained. Professional cleaning is required on a regular basis to ensure constant sanitization and disinfecting of surfaces to largely reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Professional cleaning services promote the health of everyone who comes into contact with the daycare.

Daycare cleaning is done with certified green cleaning supplies to create a non-toxic environment. Also paper products and microfiber cloths are used to ensure the place is environmentally friendly. Microfiber cloths are best in dusting because they quickly pickup dust without leaving any lint and they can be reused after washing.